GL13SC 10001500

Mod. GL13SC 1000/1600

The GL13SC punching machine has been designed to carry out the drilling of geometrical drawing on leather or syntethic uppers and on rolls, as well as the drilling by continuous processing. Differs from the GL13S for its capacity to perform holes that are only round, but can follow different profiles such as square, rectangular, diamond-shaped or heart-shaped, in addition to other profiles such as those shown in the drawings.
The diversification of holes is achieved by substituting the die-plates, and production waste is aspirated and directed towards collection bags.
The striker plate o the die-cutters is a paper roll, 0,7 mm thick and 250 m, long, which can be used on both sides, and therefore for a lenght of 500 m.
The step and the punching speed can be adjusted electronically with a touch screen. You can work with a fixed step or a variable step with regulation up to 10 variables. You can also program the repetition for every step. The max speed is 340 strokes for minute.
Weight: kg 3560 for mod. 1600.
Overall dimensions: 170x220xh200 cm.


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