Mod. GF4

This newly designed skiving machine, built by Gilardi, employs state-of-the-art technology solutions applied to this type of machinery.
1° Knife tool group guarantees absolute rigidity, allowing for a perfect chamfering operation, without undulations, in addition, knife tool changes are facilitated by an oscillating device which enables substitutiones in just a few seconds.
2° The group on the movable feed system in highly precise and sensitive, with an adjustable guide providing the desired skiving width, using a knob control at the front of the machine.
3° Centrally rotating highly rigid presser foot group provides absolute precision for quality skiving operations. Maximum skiving width – 34 mm.
4° Feed group features variable operating speed, adjustable on a gain potentiometer or operator pedal, through an electronic control card.
5° Tool sharpening group with suction and sparks conveyor can mount either normal or BOROZON grinding wheels.
6° The complete machine is equipped with a suction unit and can also be supplied with operating head only, since all controls and groups are incorporated without protruding parts.
This specifications make this skiving machine absolutely safe operating and reliable, an ideal solution for the leathergoods, finishing and footwear manufacturing sectors.


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