gp2 gilardi vigevano

Mod. GP2bis

The GP2 - GP2 bis and GP3 boot stretching machines are proposed with one last (GP2 and GP2 bis) or featuring two lasts (GP3 version). All models feature a pneumatical boot stretching, carried out with a differential treatment for the upper part of the boot and its ankle part. The last can be twisted up [...]
gp3 stira stivali

Mod. GP3

Thanks to its technical properties, this machine can be considered as most advanced one in the ironing field. The system of lasts-opening assures a perfect and automatic sticking for any shape of boot, whist the closing of the same is slow, in order to avoid any possibility of wrinkling of the inside double. The rotation[.....]

Mod. GP3R

The GP3R embodies all the characteristics of normal GP3 with the addition of two pedals which allow the machine to rotate the leggings mechanically, thus avoiding manual work. DOWNLOAD PDF