Mod. GL13SC 1000

The GL13 sc 1000 drilling machine with increased suction has been designed to perforate the EVA material. Weight: 1600 kg Dimensions: 2800x1400xh1600 cm.  
GL 13SC 300 500

Mod. GL13SC 500 E

The punching machine GL13 sc has been designed to perform the punching and the partial cut of leather uppers, synthetic and material in rolls, then proceeding with the continued punching. With the punch tool you have the ability to do not only round holes but but different shapes such as squares, rectangles, diamonds, stars, etc...[.....]
GL13SC 10001500

Mod. GL13SC 1000/1600

The GL13SC punching machine has been designed to carry out the drilling of geometrical drawing on leather or syntethic uppers and on rolls, as well as the drilling by continuous processing. Differs from the GL13S for its capacity to perform holes that are only round, but can follow different profiles such as square, rectangular, diamond-shaped[.....]
BC1-officina gilardi

Mod. BC1

Particularly suitable version in the footwear industry for beating and ironing after trimming of the lining and stitching of finished shoes and in the leather industry for small applications. The specific shape of the short arm facilitates the above-mentioned operations and enables final pressing of the coupled parts. Manual hammering is reduced by 80%. The[.....]