GL 13SC 300 500

Mod. GL13SC 300/500

The punching machine GL13 sc has been designed to perform the punching and the partial cut of leather uppers, synthetic and material in rolls, then proceeding with the continued punching.

With the punch tool you have the ability to do not only round holes but but different shapes such as squares, rectangles, diamonds, stars, etc…
The replacement of the matrix is simple and fast motion as well as the adjustment, the scrap drilling is then aspirated and conveyed into bags binders. The basis of abutment of the matrix is cardboard, the roll is 250 Mt and is reusable in both sides. The machine is completely electronically controlled by a PLC, is controlled by a touch screen where you can set the keystroke speed, stride length, repetitions for each step, speed of movement, storage or research work program etc…

With the tool carving is possible to perform partial cuts on the skin, creating, with the variation of the step and with the double passage, an effect very particular and innovative.
The GL13 sc is proposed in versions 300, 500, 1000, 1500 mm of light.


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